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The Vision

A word from our founder…

When I moved to Vancouver Island with my family in 1994, we searched for a service that would assist us in finding qualified candidates for our own existing business.
There didn’t appear to be a company that provided us with the same support we used in Vancouver, so I thought to myself, ‘I am going to do the research and see if this is an area that I could become involved in.

Maybe I could open-up a business with the emphasis of searching for great quality employees for other companies’. I quickly became convinced that it was a great way to learn about and contribute to, our new community.

Melodi Wood
Founder, StaffQuest Placement Group

Why we are Better

Because we live in a smaller region, the companies in our area often don’t have local HR departments. This is where StaffQuest steps in. We essentially become the HR departments for our clients, and we provide them with varied candidate search, screening and support services, not to mention high-level candidates who must meet the StaffQuest screening criteria.

StaffQuest was borne of an in-depth feasibility study, hours of intense research and an inordinate amount of dedication and tenacity. At that time, our community hadn’t realized the benefits of using a service such as ours. This was a concept that had to be proven over time. We learned lasting lessons through trial and error, and today, StaffQuest has a clearly defined understanding of our hiring culture here on Vancouver Island.

The StaffQuest Advantage

We believe that smaller businesses can have higher engagement levels. We can get in there and build relationships because we work one-on-one with people. Our candidates aren’t just a payroll ‘number’, they are a valued ‘person’ and that really makes a difference.

It is because of our dedication to relationships that we not only succeed in our industry, but we also have lasting relationships that repeatedly contact us for ongoing placement services.
To date, we have placed thousands of candidates and served hundreds of companies in our region.

My Commitment to You

My team and I are always excited about what the future may bring… We thrive on the challenge of matching the best job-seekers with the best employer. I am proud to say that my company has matched thousands of qualified candidates with employers eager to put them to work.

In our industry, one never knows what opportunity could present itself. Our next phone call can change the lives of our candidates. That is an exciting thought for me. A new career for someone truly deserving is always just around the corner!