The StaffQuest Promise - Exceptional Talent Deserves the Perfect Match

Kim G.

"Well this certainly has been an entertaining experience: I’m employed again! Glad that all got sorted – working within a few short minutes from home when we live in the back of beyond is going to be a real treat! Kudos to the awesome Sharron Cawley of StaffQuest Placement Group Inc….she still maintained her pleasant cheerful manner with me even when I threw a spanner into the works!"

Donna B.

"I have secured a great position at a Provincial Government office. It is awesome! The environment is supportive and positive and I have a variety of tasks to perform. I am very excited, it is the job I was hoping for and Staffquest provided me with the opportunity to successfully realize my dream. I worked continuously in a variety of environments and in a number of capacities, which was suited to me. The work has always been exciting and rewarding. I often recommend Staffquest to my friends who are looking for work or workers. Thank you so much!"

Sarah A.

"I was extremely satisfied. Thank you again for your help in finding me this wonderful position. I was extremely satisfied with StaffQuest and the sincerity that was shown towards finding me the perfect position. All of the staff in your office, including yourself, were very friendly and helpful. I have never been more pleased. Take Care! 🙂"

StaffQuest candidates benefit from a personalized boutique agency model

At StaffQuest, we believe that every exceptional talent deserves a role that not only matches their skills but also fuels their career aspirations. Our commitment to you is unwavering: we combine human expertise with innovative approaches to ensure that each placement is a perfect fit. While our labs are actively developing advanced AI solutions to further enhance our services, we already excel in understanding the unique needs of both employers and job seekers. Trust StaffQuest to be your partner in achieving your professional goals and finding the quality match you deserve.

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Learn how we are using AI to build the next generation of career tech.

Learn how we are using AI to build the next generation of career tech.