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When I moved to Vancouver Island with my family in 1994, we searched for a service that would assist us in finding qualified candidates for our own existing business.There didn’t appear to be a company that provided us with the same support we used in Vancouver, so I thought to myself, ‘I am going to do the research and see if this is an area that I could become involved in.

Maybe I could open-up a business with the emphasis of searching for great quality employees for other companies’. I quickly became convinced that it was a great way to learn about and contribute to, our new community.

StaffQuest was borne of an in-depth feasibility study, hours of intense research and an inordinate amount of dedication and tenacity. At that time, our community hadn’t realized the benefits of using a service such as ours. This was a concept that had to be proven over time. We learned lasting lessons through trial and error, and today, StaffQuest has a clearly defined understanding of our hiring culture here on Vancouver Island.

Our boutique style agency has provided proven and personalized approaches to our clients since 1995. Here's what they think...

Kim G.

"Well this certainly has been an entertaining experience: I’m employed again! Glad that all got sorted – working within a few short minutes from home when we live in the back of beyond is going to be a real treat! Kudos to the awesome Sharron Cawley of StaffQuest Placement Group Inc….she still maintained her pleasant cheerful manner with me even when I threw a spanner into the works!"

Donna B.

"I have secured a great position at a Provincial Government office. It is awesome! The environment is supportive and positive and I have a variety of tasks to perform. I am very excited, it is the job I was hoping for and Staffquest provided me with the opportunity to successfully realize my dream. I worked continuously in a variety of environments and in a number of capacities, which was suited to me. The work has always been exciting and rewarding. I often recommend Staffquest to my friends who are looking for work or workers. Thank you so much!"

Sarah A.

"I was extremely satisfied. Thank you again for your help in finding me this wonderful position. I was extremely satisfied with StaffQuest and the sincerity that was shown towards finding me the perfect position. All of the staff in your office, including yourself, were very friendly and helpful. I have never been more pleased. Take Care! 🙂"

Lorraine K.

"Best option for temporary staff…. Make no mistake. A great big shout out and kudos to StaffQuest Nanaimo… especially Sharron Cawley, who is amazing! Folks if you are Mid – Island and North, and you need someone in your corner in your job search, either temporary or permanent, this is your go to place."

Mary Ellen W.

"I Thank you for setting me up with such a great fit for a me and the company. I love working here and I love that I have room to grow here as well. It was great working with StaffQuest and I would definitely recommend them in future, especially to the Sprott-Shaw Campus business students. Thanks again!"

Victor S.

"I am so grateful for StaffQuest. I had difficulty finding work but StaffQuest quickly found me a job with a progressive engineering company. I whole-heartedly recommend StaffQuest as “Friendly people with professionalism”."

Celeste W.

"Sharron & Melodi were fabulous to work with. They so perfectly matched me with the most amazing employer and I am forever grateful. Thank you for all you have done in placing me with Westmark Construction. I could not have found a better place where I fit in personally and professionally. Thank you 10X over!"

Mica N.

"Professional, honest, dependable, locally owned business! A must use for all your staffing, temporary or permanent placement needs! A wonderful option for those seeking the employable without having to do all the searching themselves."

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