The Offer

Act quickly to make an offer within two days, starting with a verbal offer followed by a detailed written "Welcome" letter. This approach shows your enthusiasm and secures the candidate's commitment to joining your team.

The Offer

After completing the interview process, it’s essential to gather feedback from all interviewers and the recruiter to make an informed decision about the candidate. Once you have decided to extend an offer, here’s how to do it effectively:

Act Quickly

Don’t wait more than two days to make your offer. In a competitive labor market, delaying could mean losing your top candidate to another company. Prompt action shows the candidate that you value their potential contribution to your team.

Make a Verbal Offer First

Start with a verbal offer. This personal touch can help convey your enthusiasm and set a positive tone. Clearly communicate the role, responsibilities, and terms of employment during this conversation.

Follow Up with a Written Offer

After the verbal offer, follow up with a written “Welcome” letter. For senior positions, consider drafting a detailed 'Letter of Offer' that outlines specific requirements and expectations. For other roles, a friendly letter that reiterates your excitement about the candidate joining your team and confirms the terms discussed verbally will suffice.

Ensure Clarity and Commitment

Include all the agreed-upon terms in the written offer and ask the candidate to sign and return a copy. This not only provides clarity but also helps mentally commit the candidate to the new opportunity.

By following these steps, you’ll increase the chances of successfully bringing your top candidate on board and demonstrating your organization’s professionalism and efficiency.

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