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Working with a Recruiter

Working with a Recruiter

A professional Recruiter is your partner.

You have the same goals to hire the best possible candidate for the position you have available.

It is critical that you be open, honest and forthright with your Recruiter. You should provide them with as much information as possible so that they can sell your opportunity appropriately. At a minimum, make sure your Recruiter has a thorough understanding of your company, its history, and plans for the future.

A thorough Job Description is required along with a description of the “company culture”. In addition to a compensation range (including details of the benefits package), growth opportunities for the position should be discussed.  An acceptable search plan should be reviewed with the Recruiter (i.e. geographic and company targets etc.)

.A good Recruiter should have a lot of experience and knowledge that you should take advantage of on a consultative basis. They should be helpful in areas of compensation, interview preparation, post-interview follow-up (gathering feedback from you as well as the applicant), and generally shepherding prospects through the recruiting process.

Listen to their advice..they have your best interest at heart.