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The Offer

The Offer

Solicit comments from the other interviewers and the feedback from the Recruiter with respect to the Candidate.

If you decide to make the Candidate an offer, consider the following:

1. Don’t wait more than 2 days to make the offer. There is a very narrow time-line in which to tie-up the process. In a tight labour market you risk losing a candidate to another company.

2. The offer should be verbal and followed up in writing with a “Welcome” letter. Many companies are drawing up a ‘Letter of Offer’ for their senior positions which offers clarification on requirements and expectations. Otherwise, simply prepare a friendly letter that lets the candidate know that you are looking forward to their joining the team and then confirm your verbal offer with a specific outline of the terms you discussed. Have the candidate sign and mail a copy back to you. This exercise generally helps to bind a candidate mentally to the opportunity.