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Why use a Recruitment Firm?

Why use a Recruitment Firm?

Many people are not familiar with what a recruitment company can do for you. There are two perspectives to consider: The Job Seeker’s point of view and of course the Employer side of things. This guide will serve to shed a little light on the subject and hopefully help manage your expectations. So, whether you are an HR professional within an organization looking for suitable candidates, or you are the actual candidate, this information will be of value to both of you.

1. Using a Recruiter can save the client time and money. They pay for the advertising expense by posting their job in the best places that will receive the most attention. They also save the employer energy making and taking telephone calls, assessing scores and evaluating all applicants. Often times, there are a large amount of applicants that are not at all qualified. Recruiters can screen those those candidates by eliminating and fruitless interviewing and reference checking on unsuitable applicants.

2. Speed up the hiring process, because the agency will probably already have suitable Candidates on file and available for immediate interviews. It saves the time the employers would spend on planning the ad, arranging with the newspapers to have it inserted and awaiting replies. This process would probably take a week or more of the client’s time.

3. Broaden the scope of search for suitable Candidates. Even if the employer advertises on his own, he will only hear from Candidates who see that particular ad on that particular day and are motivated that particular day to search for a job. This response may not provide the best quality of Candidates for the employer to consider.

4. Save embarrassment to the employer by reducing the number of Candidates who may have to be declined. Rejected applicants do not help the employers public relations. The professional agency can work in complete confidence and identify the employer to only a very small number of pre-selected and suitable Candidates.

5. Provide better employees. Many highly qualified Candidates will only use the convenient confidential and professional services of an agency and will not respond directly to an employer’s advertisement. They want to know about the job and not waste their time applying for unsuitable job openings. Only the agency can provide this information.

6. Provide a more professional service. By conducting tests and utilizing interviewing techniques which will produce a more professional decision on hiring than the employer could make on their own, especially if recruiting and hiring is only an occasional responsibility. With an agency, interviewing and testing is a full-time job.

7. Provide an objective third party opinion to the negotiations. Often the Candidate will state or admit job and salary objectives to an agent that will disqualify him or her for the job, but this will not be stated or admitted to the prospective employer ending up in an uncertain situation for both parties in the end.